Make the complex task of making tedious, time consuming, multi-level scientific program a breeze, very versatile

Get more productive and well informed with real time speaker management tasks. Save time on design and communication. Get ever ready to publish your program without spending time on coordination with different departments. Making a scientific program was never so easy. Sync program with broadcast servers.

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Pro Digital Agenda

With our patented display solution, audience can now see the preview of the programe. Real time updates, tracking. Receive and Share Real time notification Several Designs and Templates to select from and Integrate this with other display solutions without complex coding

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Challenging Case Submission

Our most awaited product of the year Challenging Case Submission
Participants can now upload cases on cloud. Reviewers can review them in real time. Select the most challenging case. All this without moving an inch from the screen.

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Complicated Registration is a thing of past - Access AllPass

AllPass is one stop registration process that gives you access to the best scientific content happening anywhere. Just sign up and access

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Virtual Preview Room

Our Virtual Preview Room - are cloud enabled and more secure.
Our onsite preview rooms are designer standard room and so are our virtual rooms. Speakers can upload and access from anywhere, Present from anywhere and Be seen from anywhere.

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