Scientific Program Maker

Scientific program maker is a useful tool for those who want to make a complex program with ease.
It’s intuitive and avoids the hasles of working with many different softwares applications.
With several of its unique features , one can,
• Start by sending invitations, through different communication channels in-built into the app.
• Assign roles and responsibilities and communicate the same instantaneously.
• Keep reviewing the blank or missing speakers and assign them new tasks.
• Update and upload the program in real-time.

Digital Signage’s

ProMax specializes in developing content for conferences because empty screens are boring. Digital Signage offers screens  which are monitored and updated. Our software allows content to be easily created, managed and distributed to the right screen at the right time. By using large screens at strategic spots at your venue, it is simple to reach your audience and deliver the content they need, or you would like them to see. Live from hall can also be incorporated into the screen layout.
A variety of content focusing on audience needs is planned and executed during conferences, making them more interactive.


It’s a latest application to simplify conference presentations uploading and checking. This technology will definitely help conference in ease of making presentation across a variety of complex computer networks. This is the first application of its kind, which needs no human intervention in a conference environment. We always have been proactively making conference friendly solutions.

Speaker Service Center

Speakers can upload and edit their presentations and technicians are available to give full support in this quiet environment.
We offer solutions for video conversion and editing to ensure smooth video integration into PowerPoint. The secure system takes care of storage and distribution of the presentations, which ensures that they are all available in the right place, at the right time!
There is no need to take a USB stick to the lectern as all presentations are uploaded via Speaker Management System.

When the final upload is complete, speakers are requested to test their presentation once more. This also allows speakers to get familiar with the presentation software. Speaker Service Center also provides a real-time status overview, which allows our technicians to monitor the flow of presentations, ensuring smooth and flawless distribution to all lecterns. Speaker Service Center also act as a meeting point for the congress organizers to obtain statistics, give feedback or make last minute adjustments to the Programme. Speaker Service Center, Speaker Management system- these two modules are directly connected via the same on-site database. Buying only one of these will dramatically reduce the effectiveness of either module. We deliver the technology and technicians are on hand to ensure the smooth running of operations. Visitors will experience a service oriented environment.

Speaker Management System

Many years of experience and thousands of presentations have helped us to deliver perfect and effective software to control presentations. This user-friendly touchscreen system allows speakers to focus on their presentation and the audience.
The speaker simply starts the presentation by scanning their badge. Navigation through the presentation is easily managed by pressing the forward and backward buttons on the screen. The display will show exactly where the active slide is, and previews the next few slides at the same time.
If there is a time limit to a presentation, a timer can be added to the screen. This will display the amount of minutes left to run.

Web Streaming

With internet speeds improving everywhere, streaming has become a very affordable and scalable alternative solution.
Interactive solutions can be designed around this technology and number of centers can be added at a fraction of the cost.
It is not always possible, or required to attend a presentation in person; for this reason E! Cast delivers a combination of solutions to stream an event to where it is needed.
On location we take the audio, the presentation feed and live video and stream this to any desired location: inside or outside the venue.
Web streaming delivers live streams to the internet. Access to these streams can be unlimited.
Streams can also be enriched with session and speaker information, as well as logos and advertisements.

Screen Management

This technology allows LED screens to display content from multiple sources on single big screen.
It allows creating multiple layouts of various contents.
Can also swap; edit content and layouts during run time. Each screen layout is ready to define your objective.

HD Projection

  • ProMax is the first company in India to bring Hi-definition projection in scientific conferences.