ProMax HD Event provides business conferences for MEDICAL clients ranging from day conferences to week-long conferences. Our goal is to make each conference an informative and valuable event for you, your company, and for our industry…

Visuals, sound and technology are all key communication vehicles for any ambitious projects, and their optimized implementation is a full-fledged profession! Whatever the event is, our expertise offers you real added value. Our study of your requirements, personalized advice, tailor-made offer, will ensure integrated implementation. With over a decade of experience in high end AV technology, ProMax has been systematically implementing it at all levels. From basic designing and planning of the event to advanced stages of implementation we put only the best at work. Typically our clients ask us to begin from designing brochures, theme song, promotional movies, its all part of content management and its roll out. An event is incomplete, if its not got the content required for it. Advanced technology cannot create content. 
It’s a specialized activity that requires great amount of intuitiveness.

ProMax is headed by Mr. Sameer Mardikar who has more than a decade long experience in managing most demanding events. A globetrotter, Sameer has been able to bring in the best technology and created a team of professional who are restless and their competition lies within themselves.

In early 2011, he changed the face of medical conferences in India and brought India’s first 30K HD projector. We can project multiple content without the use of complicated software or equipment’s. He is a firm believer of the fact, that consumer has no time to understand complicated technology, the onus lies on us to deliver most complicated technology in the most simplest of the forms.

Today, ProMax is the only company in India to have a full-fledged 15 Macs for iMac studio for content development, 15 iMacs for preview room for meetings and conferences, presentation management expertise during medical conferences, audience response system, multi HD Cam set up for broadcasting and projection. ProMax through its dedicated network partners also provides 4/5 mm pitch LED walls and sound. Apart from that its got its own dedicated team of stage managers, managing complicated tasks during live meetings and conferences.

We Know The Pulse Of Cardiology

In a very demanding environment ProMax understands what cardiology conferences are all about.
Our team can handle Different Codecs, Dicom format and back-to-back sessions with ease.
Our disciplined team ensures that the sessions start in time and end in time.
During live projection we help proactively push content on the screen.